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charlie (profile) wrote,
on 2-17-2004 at 3:54am
why is it that the united states will go to war to "protect" her citizens from "terrorists" who will only kill a handful of people each year while allowing unkown numbers of people at home to die from untreated illness. every other large industrial nation and most of the poorer ones too have instituted public health programs to care for their citizens. the united states however cares nothing whether or not you die because you can't afford to see a doctor. and if you have a serious problem that would require multiple tests, visits, and possible procedures it's nearly impossible without health insurance. so, a young man such as myself who is living independently of his parents and trying to put himself through college with a part time job cannot afford health insurance and is thusly left out in the cold. i've followed the protestant work ethic, i don't think i've ever complained about my taxes, but now i'm dying and the nation i tried to support cares nothing as to whether or not i survive. i have been betrayed by the flag i was raised to respect, that's why it hangs upside down on my wall streaked in dirt and spit after being trampled on the floor.
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02-17-04 1:54pm

Its a mixed bag man, we either get Beady Eye Bush or some left wing nut like Al Sharpton. What we need is a nice middle ground. Too bad that those people are the ones who don't vote.

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02-17-04 7:46pm

what you want is socialism. i'd rather die like it is than live in socialism. it's a matter of preferance. whatever floats your boat

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Re:, 02-17-04 10:14pm

gee, what gave that away? the reams of neo-liberal rant?

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