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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 4-13-2002 at 10:11pm
Current mood: happy
Music: Bad Religion...
Friday night was a blast. :)
Tonight i went to a party, my friends picked me up in their truck at 11:30, it was at a frat house, where people were cool there...just kidding, (i added a little Blink to spike up the excitement of the upcoming concert!!!) But i did go to a party. It was boring, so we left early! But i've got to admit, the food was good...
Tomorrow will be fun too (we'll throw our clubs Dustin!!!) lol... ;)
I walked into this one store today to get a plant, and there were dolphins everywhere! I was almost tempted to tip them over and break them all!!! That would've been quite funny, but even funnier that i got banned forever from a greenhouse! hahaha. Whatever. I think that's all for now, i am out. :)
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04-13-02 11:16pm

You should have! Before they turn against us...Unless there were some sea cucumbers to spy on them...Oh yes, there will be plent of club throwing...mwah ha ha ha!

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Re:, 04-13-02 11:23pm

i know, i know. But i'm for real, there were TONS of them all around, and they just *happened* to have a table of ceramic sea turtles right by them. hmmm...someone was thinkin. :)

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