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blackcandynecklace (profile) wrote,
on 2-28-2004 at 12:38am
Subject: *continued
so i'm really tired and i wanna go to bed soon so i won't write much more. i wanna write an overview though.... home: dad's in coneticute most of the time.. mother at hospital or work, i'm never home and i hardly see them school: jen's slacking more than ever she needs to work on that this weekend and teh rest of the semester.. and i'm getting worried aobut act/sat well not gettitng getting relaly nervous and anxious and scared about it ok those are main things i'm tired and i can't spell.. well i can't spell normally but leave me alone.

hey anyone want some poppycock? it's only nuts! lmao-jorie we gotta go do random shit more often i miss it.
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03-03-04 11:57pm

with school its soo hard cuz we have hmwk and projects and crew ...but charlie can help us you too sis...back like three months ago entry geez...its been forever since you wrote...i only had three to read...and i havent read in like a month and a half...

i dont know what to put

i have to do the


for spanish

but i really



dont want


i have to though...





sweet dreams

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