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dmlxoxo (profile) wrote,
on 12-28-2002 at 7:38pm
Current mood: good
Subject: Thnx to Liz...
this is my first entry. im in Fl on winter break, i just got back from my friend Liz's house, who i havent seen in like forever (really only a year but shes like my BFF from fire island and i only see her 2 weeks a year. this year she didnt come out so i havent seen her in such a long time!) It was gr8 seeing u liz! anyway, im really bored at my cousins house in some really nice condo-complex in boca. we'll probably b leaving in a few hrs, but 4 now im good just chattin online and putting this entry into the journal. I miss aaron!!! he hasnt been on the whole vacation and its making me really sad :(, guess i'll have to wait till next mon. MISSIN ALL U PPL FROM EDGEMONT!! okay, im gunna stop rambling on now, UNT, ur favorite rockstar- Danielle*
*P.S- only 11 days till my braces come off! :)
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Hey to my fav rock star!, 12-29-02 7:29pm

Yea, it was great seeing u 2! I'm go glad I got u hooked on woohu's- they're GEEEEERRRRRAAAATTTT! (lol felt very tony the tiger there, in those frosted flakes commercials!!) lol omg i found a letter u wrote me maybe a few summers ago, it said a bunch of jokes- it was so cute! LOL....

luv ur fav beach bum...lizzy

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Re: Hey to my fav rock star!, 12-30-02 12:10am

Aloooooha!! which letter did u find? what jokes did it have? i miss u soo much, cnt wait 2 c u at pam's (hopefully)!
luv ur fav. rockstar* danielle

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