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Ari-chan (profile) wrote,
on 2-16-2004 at 3:35pm
Current mood: loved
Music: Simon&Garfunkle- The Sound of Silence
Subject: *sings* She loves me, yeah yeah yeah yeah!
Kiku-chan and I went to see RotK yesterday, and 'twas good even though I was being an idiot and couldn't work up the courage to even hold her hand until the end of the movie... *le sigh* But it was stilll good ^_^

And she gave me the most *kawaii* bear, and wrote this poem that... oh god. Just god. It was just *perfect*

...I'm babbling, aren't I? Oh well. *shrug*

And she gave me Pocky. *Strawberry* Pocky. I shall love her forever ^_^

Some say that to win a girl's heart you must give her flowers, but the way to win Ari's heart is to give her Pocky ^_^

Watashi wa goku genki desu ^_^
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06-27-04 9:05am

pocky!! strawberry pocky!!! mm...

and yes i can remember holding-hand shyness. its so ..cute.. but its worth it once you do.


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