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User:Ari-chan (user# 11342)
AOL IM:fortytwodotcom [add buddy]
Bio:Artist, Beatlemaniac, yaoi- and yuri-lover, bisexual, 13, female. I write depressing poetry and sappy, fluffy, lime-y stories. Ph34r m4 l33tn3ss...
Macs rule the world.
Johnny Depp and Camui Gackt are the two sexiest men on the planet, no exceptions.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me!" -Duo Maxwell.
"For Johnny is an R-rated man." -Kiku
Friend Of:(1) Nef
Interests:(13) .hack//SIGN, 1x2, Gravitation, Gundam Wing, Japanese pop culture, Johnny Depp, music, One Piece, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Beatles, the sixties, yaoi, Yu-Gi-Oh
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