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noahfects (profile) wrote,
on 3-9-2004 at 5:21pm
Current mood: ehh

yea yea...whateva!

thats me!

th4e only way kat could interact with the fish


bad picture.

jesse lacey!

muhahah, faggot

the siblings..:-)

my model child..

i love this one ^

kat <3


lazy....thinking of........jesus?


jake, marce,kat


well..i got into a fight with travis, if thats what u want to call pretty upset...things are going lazy to write anything else..

sab <3..enjoy the pictures

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03-10-04 2:33pm

i luv that im not in one of those...and you call us friends?...

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Re:, 03-12-04 5:04pm

who is this?

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07-06-04 11:15pm

i was random journaling...

i love the used, and i have that poster in my room and on my journal...

just thought i'd share... *giggles.

and how did you get your journal to get all "woobaly" when you go to a different part of it.. or something.. lol.

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