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jedibumblebee (profile) wrote,
on 12-31-2002 at 2:38pm
Current mood: hopeful
Music: SR-71- Let It Whip
I attempted to recreate my entry from last night, I wrote it out in WORD because I didnt feel like losing it again.

Basically, despite all of my current failures on the dating scene, I'm come to the conclusion that I am probably ready for a boyfriend again. Although this seems rather illogical, I feel that because I have seen just about everything that COULD go wrong on a date, I have gained a good understanding of what I want and don't want in a guy. And I hate jumping around, believe it or not kissing 8 people in about a week isnt all that fun, I'd rather have the security associated with one devoted individual. but in reviewing the list, I realize that the chances of me finding one person that fits my criteria is slim...I'm sure thats not even all of it, just what I could think of off the top of my head. i just like putting it in list form so I will be able to go back to it and laugh.

h Male (yes, preferred)
h Between the ages of 17 and 23 (17-19 preferred)
h Sense of humor
h Sense of style, I dont care what kind, but some kind
h A brain. It might appear to be a given but often its not.
h No other girlfriends. Again, I thought it was a given but some people dont get it.
h Taste in music. Not necessarily the same as mine, but I want him to have a passion that he can share with me.
h A hidden talent. I dont care what it is, but he should have one.
h Ambition in life. Again, really a variable, but I want him to have goals that he is after.
h A hobby. Something to occupy his time, other than me.
h Spontaneity
h Likes my punk friends
h Has friends that I can get along with
h Ability to be a hopeless romantic, but wont smother me with it
h Can handle my attitude and doesnt mind me as a hippie.
h Taller than me (petty, yes)
h Weighs more than me (petty, self-consciousness plays into that)
h Can dance, or is willing to pretend that he can
h Independence
h Decent kisser (please!)
h Ability to use the phone to call me?
h Honesty.
h Ability to hold a conversation.
h Ability to let me into the conversation.
h Knows the rules and his boundaries
h Breaks most if not all of said rules and boundaries
h Makes me feel comfortable
h Hopelessly devoted without being overbearing.

I'm sure that I should throw in some other point of randomness like he must have green eyes and be left-handed or something just to emphasize its impossibility.
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12-31-02 3:04pm

that is perfect.

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Re:, 12-31-02 3:05pm

but it's all about the good shoes.

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12-31-02 6:16pm

Well Stef, that absolutely describes me, well except for point ,,h

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Re:, 01-01-03 2:44am

dude, they were supposed to be bullets but the transfer from word fucked them up. but yeah :)

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01-01-03 12:30am

Sounds like I need to pick up a NEW hobby... Oh and I could pick up some colored contacts and tie my right arm behind my back.

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01-02-03 11:33am

well i had to copy, relog in and paste.
but here we are.

I am:
-18 in 52 Days
-Humorus to certain people
-styleish in some ways
-in calculus
-a music lover, but have limited passion for it.
-full of hidden talents, but they dont stay hidden long. ^shows off alot^
-Ambitious, but trys not to be 'lost in a moment'
-(try's to stay with the beginning 'I am') a person who has hobbies, although I cant find time to keep up with them all.
-a person with shoes that i think are good, because they are non-slip shoes with no laces, and a single color. * i never liked having stripes on my shoes, but its hard to find a solid color set of shoes*
-Spontanious in conversation, but i try to be responsible in action.
-not sure who your 'punk freinds' are. I do like Troy, and Bowman who i think your friends with, but i never liked Shawn, because of they way i seen him treating everyone.
-'a person who' has freinds that i have no idea weather you would like or not, but they would grow on you.
-a hopless romantic, and i really dont know if i smother people, i supose i was never given the chance.
-(stops following 'I am') I admire your attitude, and from what i have seen, i like who you are as well.
-I dont know if i am taller than you, but i have grown taller over the last year.
-I assume i weigh the same as you, but if you want i could pretend :)
-I can slow dance, but i can't even pretend to 'fast' dance.
-um, I live in the USA!!
-I would have to learn how to kiss well.
-I have many phones, and am not afraid of pushing the numbers and talking. but i cant call anyone who's number i do not have.
-I consider myself honest (but i like to joke and pretend, harmlessly. It prevents me from being a 'gossip')
-I can hold a conversation... i suppose, it depends on what you mean by hold... but i think i could... *smiles*
-you're always welcome in on my conversations, i dont say much that i wouldnt want the rest of the world to hear. (And) I'm very fast at summerizing a conversation to catch you back up to speed, if thats what you ment.
-well i know my boundry's... and my rules.
-I don't think i would break my rules or boundry's, but i suppose thats why i set them.
-I dont think i've ever made you feel comfortable after the foot incident. Despite how much i've tried. *sighs*
-Devotion is never hopeless.
-i have green eyes
-and write like im left handed, with my right hand. *I think my kidy-garden teacher was left handed*, either way its cool :)

I feel i fit a comodity of the criteria.
So i dont think its impossible that someone out there fits it perfectly. But would you really like them?

I fear you will probibly never be comfortable around me.

And im really just looking for a friend.

PS. thx for the permition on the 20 questions.

PSS. Sorry about all the lower case i's and the "im"'s instead of "I'm"'s and the spelling errors, and probibly even the run on sentances, and just to make sure this is a run on sentance :).

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