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RagDoll (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2003 at 9:39am
Sorry people but i have another 12 more enterys to post in.

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Well, yesterday was a waste.

I spent all of yesterday waiting for a printer and GV. Instead, I got a ram card and no GV. Now S's laptop has a gig of ram. Woohoo.

No emails, no calls, nada. No GV. I wonder what happened. I hope she's okay.

On an up note, I'm going through 3 months of Playstation Magazine demo CD's. So far:

Wild Arms 3: Too much cute fun. Wild West fantasy rpg with 'man with no name' style music. It's adorable, espcially since its cel-shaded!

Sly Cooper: It's wonderful. It's so ultra-uber-cool. It'd be cool even if I wasn't a furry wannabe. It's also insanely tough.

Red Faction 2: KILL KILL KILL

Dance Dance Revolution Max: I must have this game...I can't have this game. I must have this game. I can't have this game.

More mini-reviews as I plod through the CD's./

Also, Piro of Megatokyo fame has lost his mind. He's auctioning off a picture of a 'robo-angel' style miho pic. As of this posting, I am the high bidder. WOOT!

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[ music | Cherry Twist; Crystal Method ]

Well, here's to hoping a liter of soda will solve my fatigue problems.

Right after work, I went out with S, DD, RR, and H to see Star Trek: Nemesis. I am rapidly learning something with the franchise: Fans or cast members shouldn't write movies. I could give a damn about the wedding of Deanna and Riker, especially with her in an awful dress. The layers of intrigues within the film only have meaning if you've watched -everything-. I think the big relief would have been seeing the wedding on betazed, where everyone was supposed to be naked. I'm all about seeing Michael Dorn's package.

Best quote of the movie:

"All officers will attend the wedding on Betazed. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be in the gym." -A paraphrasing of Picard-

I just couldn't be pressed to care. I won't reveal all the stuff, but the logo of the movie alone should tell you -where- this film will take place. Even though it features a race of critters that -WE'VE NEVER BLOODY SEEN BEFORE-. *sigh* My complaints on this movie know no boundaries.

Thank god I already have tickets to the midnight Lord of the Rings. now if I could find someone to see 'Equilibrium' and 'Die Another Day', I'd be good.

RR, you need to know that S does not hate you. She thinks you think that because of how you were behaving. It's not true. You were also invited to the place afterwards, but I don't think you caught that. *sigh* I hope things get settled on Monday.

Now on the good side of passive experience, I did get to watch 'Taken'. Neat miniseries. It took on a lot, and I do feel it paid off. Besides, I'm a matt frewer junkie. It's also nice to see someone from Blair Witch find work after that film.

Lilo and Stitch was a -lot- of fun. I likes the fact that the family was an absolute mess. So was Stitch. S makes me speak like Stitch whenever possible.

Finally 'Puppet Princess'. I got this as a gift from DS. It's definitely supposed to be for me. It has everything I need. Puppets, clockwork, horror, ninjas...It's just...It's an OVA. It's a quick-sell story that threw elements into the mix that didn't need to be there. It didn't need comedy or ecchi stuff. All it needed was horror, period action, and romantic tension. I'll make a better movie like this soon.

Finally, I'm listening to LOTR (BBC Radio) with Ian Holm as Frodo. It's beautiful, and well done. I hope to finish with it by the time the next movie comes out.

RL, I found a place downtown that might be fun, although it's currently on the 'trendy' list. Called 'Sugar', it's a dessert bar. It's decked out like willy wonka, and should be diabetic suicide.

That's all for now. I know I'll write more in the near future, but for now, Merry Christmas.
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rerrs, 01-01-03 9:48am

How I was beHAVing? I don't know what that means, and certainly not that I think she hates me. Also, I didn't catch that I was invited over because I wasn't invited over. I didn't even hear of a discussion of me coming over, or that anything was going on apres le film. need to worry about me being offended or anything because, until now, I wasn't aware that there was anything to be offended about.

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01-01-03 9:49am

We had twice offered you to come and have the cake you left at our place while we had the cheesecake. As for behavior, I'm simply carrying the message.

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Re:, 01-01-03 9:52am

As for "Equilibrium" and "Die Another Day?"

You're on!

I know Bond will still be around, I'll keep my fingers crossed about the other. I almost went to see it last weekend but ended up staying closer to home instead of heading up to Cleveland to the art house it was being shown at.

I don't know what all New Year's week might have in store, but catching movies sounds like a good, relaxing way to spend it to me :)

Even Sugar sounds, pardon the pun, sweet ;)

Catch you soon,
Masque, aka RL, aka that pesky diddle.

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rerrs, 01-01-03 9:51am

Woah...when did you say this? Perhaps this behavior everyone keeps talking about was the total daze I was apparently in, completely unaware of what was going on around me. Geez --didn't you think it was a little weird that I would refuse an offer of cake? Something must have been wrong with me.

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