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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2004 at 6:03pm
Current mood: sad
Music: Bubba Sparxxx kuntry folks
Subject: Ms.Wray! :'(
awww i'ma miss ms.wray! but i'm goin to north so it's all good GO RED KNIGHTS! lol i'll see the triplets n heather n a bunch of other peeps there cough cough ty lol not really though cuz he's dumb n i'll hang out wit the smart people lol Frank's a girl lol rite? ya he's go a secret it's great n me n keely are bitches hell ya go us heehee i luv ya gurl omg Frank is HOTT though! :'( o well hee hee i'm sad n i'm srry ty that i was mad at u things are ok now i guess it just hurts for rumors to go on about u even though i kno people make fun of u but i'm ok i'm srry elyse for actin mad at u lol this SPRING BREAK IS GONNA SUCK i'm not aloud to GO NOWHERE n don't ask plz if u want to know u can im me n i'll tell u who to ask if u realy want to know well neways these are the main subjects :
I luv ms.wray n will miss her

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03-13-04 5:15pm

and ull get to c me :-)...who is ms wray?

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Re:, 03-14-04 3:17pm

ur goin to north? that's pimp! lol ms. wray was my math teacher n about the only one who ever taught me nething that i understood! lol that's so great that i'm get to see the people i care about the most n when one of us gets old enough to drive were gonna have to go to ft. myers n see all the other people i care about! lol THAT IS SO COOL U DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW COOL THAT IS! well much luv ttyl peace
~LiL t

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Re: Re:, 03-19-04 6:17pm

yay! you can drive to ft. myers and see me!!! lol
<3 babE

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