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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 3-13-2004 at 1:43pm
Current mood: calm
Music: Slick Shoes-Once Again
well last night i went to the movies with jesse, rob, and cherise's crew. we went to watch "the secret window" and i thought it was an awesome movie. then after that we went to wal-mart and i bought the book. lol yeah kinda stupid but they book is different than the movie but i just wanted it. we had the band festival thingy yesterday and we got an "excellent" instead of a "superior" sorry to all the seniors that are going to graduate that wanted a "superior". i wanted one too but i doesnt really matter to me cuz im a lil' tiny freshman that has no word in the band. lol i had my music down pretty good but we just didnt make. and yeah i just had to go chase my dog cuz she became loose from her lil leash thingy. damn that was a lot of excersise. well yeah at least the pressure of festival is off. and maybe we can go back to normal. well i take it woohu is gonna die on us so i guess probably this is going to be my last journal entry. but hopefully andy doesnt shut it down. i pray that he doesnt because its an awesome website for journals.
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03-14-04 1:19pm

hey don't be sorry bout band...just know that this is serious stuff & that you know now what you need to prepare for next later...

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