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the-last-tear-will-fall (profile) wrote,
on 3-20-2004 at 4:38pm
if ya'll got a problem with me, i would really love it if ya'll told it to my fucking face. And everything that ya'll say really ain't gonna hurt me, b.c. I dont give a fucking shit, thats your opinion, not mine, or the people who loves me. Ask my true friends, and they tell you the truth...

true friends...

chelsie, amber, missy, ian, sam, grace,jill, paige, jilly, megan d., emily H, ashley C., Jenny, Ide name more but I don't have the time...

you knwo what people, some people do take things to thier heart, b.c. some people can get affended easily, like I COULD, but now, I'm not gonna let anything that all ya'll little fuckers say get too me, so if u have a problem with me, say it too my face, not on some stupid computer, it's just a machine, it can't talk (except jenny's, lol!) so yeah, just wanted too say that, and all ya'll that I do love, THSNK YOU for being there for me


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me, 03-21-04 12:52am

y arn't i in ur journal, arn't i a tru friend*****starz, i love u megz

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03-21-04 4:40pm

Hopes that one of those Jill or Jilly is *me*

Haha babes i luv you lots and ill always be here for you..

Fuck whatever everyone thinks..its what the rest of us *know*

Love you babes!!

<33 Jilly!!

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