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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 3-20-2004 at 8:24pm
Current mood: high
Music: my band - D12
Subject: sunsplash
omg me n bobbie n sara went to sunsplash today is was so fuckin cool omg i luved it sooo much!!!!!! I LUVE THE WALL - MY WALL DON'T TRY TO TAKE IT! HEY THAT'S MY WALL BITCH WANNA FIGHT LOL I'M GONNA HAVE SEX WITH THE FLOOR LOL TO THE CEILING!!!! LOL TOUCH IT TOUCH IT JUMP!! lol it was great! omg we had more fun then ne1 LOOK IT'S THE 8TH GRADE KID LOL N HE'S FOLLOWIN US OMG LOOK SARA N BOBBIE HE'S STILL THERE LOL omg omg omg that's great lol so many inside jokes u guyz it's so cool we, sara i'll give ya the $5 lata lol maybe tomorrow at church hee hee much luv i'll ttyl goin to a cape fear game peace out! luv ya ttyl - LiL t
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03-21-04 7:10pm

its 7$ lol

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Re:, 03-22-04 3:15pm

lol ok that too lol srry i didn't go to church i didn't kno what time to go n meana wasn't the biggest help lol great stuff neways ttyl

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