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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 3-23-2004 at 7:37pm
Current mood: annoyed
Music: A Static Lullaby-The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us All
well today the band went to see the Marine Corp band play and it was pretty grand. then i saw cherise with her friends walking by and i just say sup...and then her friends start talking shit when im on the phone or online that i sound like a chick. well duh no not such a manly bearly a damn come if ur going to tell me this shit at least tell me in my face. it kinda pisses me off....but the hell with it....the bitches are not worth it..and then also being short kinda pisses me off sometimes...cuz ppl talk so much im like fuck..dude....but fuck it...w/ tired so im out
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fuck 'em..., 03-24-04 1:11am

i think you're great & awersome...(yes i spelled it like that for a reason beeyatches)'re cool to me & if they think that you're not man enough...FUCK 'EM!!! later...

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