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waiting4rain (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2004 at 4:09pm
Subject: Emerald
Often times while going through a day i'll come across a word or something - - that for some reason or another stirs something in me. so i usually end up looking it up or researching it... and the result will be that it ends up symbolizing something to me, or it'll be a subject for a poem..
anyway, the point is that i'm going to be writing most of them onto here...
and here's the point where i imply that i'd love it for you to leave some comments/add to w.e. i end up putting ;)

emerald. my birthstone. (May). i recently just started loving the color.
i looked it up and found:

emerald: n. a mineral of great hardness, and, when transparent, of great beauty.

the part that got me, was, "..when transparent, of great beauty."

my normal habit right now would be to just leave it at that and have you figure out the rest of what's going on in my mind.

heh. i guess that would be the point..
lay it straight out.
perhaps, there is beauty that people will see as i become more transparent.
transparent, not in the sense that there is nothing there and i'm empty or shallow so that you can see through me...

but transparent when it's defined as this:

transparent: adj. easily understood or seen through (because of a lack of subtlety).

get the connection? (for those of you that know me at least - pure lifer's esp.) ;)

idk, i may not have explained something, and if not let me know - i don't mean it in a sarcastic way,
because sometimes i really am someone who doesn't say things directly without even realizing it... big deal
that might be changing, who knows.
not because i've been told to change, although it has been brought to my attention by friends,... and i've realized more that that's how i have been being, and it's just not fair to those around me, or myself. it'll take a little of bearing with me, bc its a habit.. enough said.

and briefly -
the new testament biblical word for emerald is "smaragdos" which means "live coal"
so i thought that was pretty cool too.
but i still like the transparent and beauty aspect of the jewel.

wait, i just got something else that's really cool, and it makes me like that definition of emeral even more. :

the other definition of transparent is:

adj. Admitting the passage of light.
when i allow Jesus, the "light of the world" passage into my entirety, there lies the great beauty. :)
"when transparent, of great beauty." transparent means letting light in, so when i let him in, there is great beauty.
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03-25-04 7:41am

Wow. I really like this. I like the way that you chose to write it. Very well written.

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Re:, 03-29-04 2:06am

that made me smile. thank you much.

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04-19-04 4:28pm

I agree that Transparent Doesn't mean "empty" (like the common misconception) But nor do I think that It's a bad thing to be transparent. I believe that sometimes it's better if people have to think, and are forced to figuring out what's wrong, or right (what ever the case may be) with a person. It'll just help make people understand everbody a little more. And why should people be spoon fead?

As for the light of jesus shinning through, I completely and utterly agree! I could have said it better myself.

A final note on Transparancy, ( thought) Isn't a woman supose to be a little misterious, a little Transparent? Isn't it her perocative?

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Re:, 04-25-04 3:18pm

I'd just like to correct myself on the last comment I left, I ment to say "I COULDN'T have said It better myself."

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Re: Re:, 04-27-04 11:33pm

response coming soon... 0:}

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