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CandiKisses2010 (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2004 at 7:40pm
WoW, its been kind of a while since I have updated this thing so I thought I just might do it right now since I have nothing better to do! SO ya well I dunno whats new really not a whole lot, b~sides getting kicked out of my house w/ my mom and shit all b~cuz some fuckin homo told my mom and his dad a BUNCH of lies, and now me and my mom have to move back to morley for the rest of this year :( I am gonna miss every1 even though there is like 3 ppl that might miss me, but this really sucks cuz I am startin to talk to other and new people and now I have to leave and shit but what can ya do! I guess there is ONE benefit to gettin outta cedar... well I dont have to deal w/ any1s bull shit anymore... I dont have to listen to ppl talk shit about me and I dont have to worry about my friends stabbin me in the back anymore (ok that was like 3)...but ya any wayz so my life sux o well... I guess I will let you guys so you don't have to read this gay shit anymore ~k~ ttyl LuVz ~*Me*~
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03-26-04 11:37pm

I like you!

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Re:, 03-27-04 11:04am

I'll miss you alot Amanda. I LOVE YA! *cries* ..............

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Re:, 03-31-04 11:40am

I'm sorry to have to ask this but, who is this ?!?!

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Re: Re:, 03-31-04 7:08pm

It was jenna and ashley sonego.

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