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sexycuban (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2004 at 7:28am
Current mood: depressed
Music: **you dont give a damn**
Subject: **everything**
ARG im so fucking pissed off everyone is in my fucking biss. i hate people my sister is such a fucking bitch now my mom is on my ass becuz of course donna is the "model child" she gets everything right and dose everything perfect for my mom and dad im kinda just the person that dosent do her best and dosent care about anyone but herself ...shes so mean i love the fucking lil comments my sister lhas to say just to hurt me "your just like dad" "no one will ever love you" "your such a bitch no wonder everyone hates you" haha great stuff WHO THE FUCK CARES WHAT EVERYONE HAS TO SAY noone is my friend noone will ever really love me big fucking woop not a big deal im going to be alone forever thats what i get for trying im going to stay in my room for now on dont bug anyone turn out my lights and just put music on thats what im doing now on so they have nothing to bitch about i may come out once in a while to go to the bathroom hehe yah thats a good idea...i cant take any more of this..i cant take the fucking pain and anger of making everyone happy and im not happy im not happy at all im depressed alone and full of pain inside why the fuck should i make others happy when im not fuck that screw everyone im alone and depressed and im staying that way screw everyone and everything if i stay in my room and dont speak to anyone and just stay in my world alone at school and just sit alone i cant get hurt..noone could ever hurt me again so that way no more pain no more heartace no more anything....thats what am going to do just stay in my lil world ....nolonger hurt nolonger the pain and agony of people...yah screw everyone!
ill write laters if i feel like it and if im still here..

bye bye everyone! Thanks for tuneing in to the wonderful like of crystal *puts on a face smile like i have to do every day*

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Respone to your Log, 03-29-04 8:13pm

Hey. I know how you feel. Everyone assumes that you're happy, when really you aren't. That isn't right for Donna to say to you, she should be slapped. Family is supposed to be nice to one another. Even if they don't get along, they shouldn't be hurtful. Anyway Crystal, I know what you feel, we all go through it one time or another. I hope you feel better one of these days, and remember I am always here to talk to if you need me! ^_^

-SM Mike

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Re: Respone to your Log, 03-30-04 7:13pm

thanks alot i know im just really out of it right ill ttyl bye bye


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