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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2002 at 9:32pm
Music: Blink 182-Give me one good reason...
I'm sad. My rabbit is sick. :(
But i had sooooo much fun at golf today. I got a 57, which is a large improvement from my last-75...
I got a birdie (one under par) on a 4-par shot, and it was the 1st hole. I was so happy! :)
Plus, our team won, which was also cool. And I played against Jenna, and this girl named Alisha, whom i found out was also going to the concert. It was pretty cool. :)
Then Starky took us out for dinner @ Wendy's!!! Yah! Fast Food!!! hahaha. But yeah, that was my day. Oh, and Dustin, your good luck hug worked wonders! hehehe. :) later.
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GOLF!!!, 04-18-02 9:42pm

wow..we did have so much fun!!! i felt like we were a team today. it was great! and you did soooo awesome! i was so proud of you on the first hole and the whole game!!! great job!

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Re: GOLF!!!, 04-18-02 9:43pm

Thanx dan! I felt like a team too! and the ride home was soooo fun! ahahaha.

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04-18-02 10:21pm

There you go, see, no tension between you two! :) Ha ha, sweet, yes, my hugs are magical, and they can cure sick bunny rabbits too...I'm glad you had such a good time. Keep up the good work. Bwah ha ha!

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