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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 4-2-2004 at 10:53pm
Current mood: gloomy
Music: "Inosano Sasayaki"
Today was all right.My mom and I went out to Michael's and I got some new art supplies. Then we went to Joann's Fabrics. Next was Mejier, and finally Family Fare where I bought a cute sticker.

I cam home and called Lizziegh to wish her a happy birthday. I also called Joe. He wasn't home right then, so I called back after 6:00. He actually was home. We were just starting to talk and he had to leave. I could feel myself choking up and he started to sound all sad. He told me to call him Monday.

I got pretty bummed after that, so my mom took me out for a slushie and we just drove around. I love to just drive along... I feel so content. We looked at houses.

I came home and danced for an hour

But I still am bummed. I miss Joe, and I kinda know why he's been such a booger. I wish I never was such a chicken...
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04-02-04 11:35pm

Aw. Glad you had fun.

I love you.

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