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Hiei (profile) wrote,
on 4-4-2004 at 2:25am
Current mood: content
Music: Legend Of Mana opening Theme
Subject: Breif Return
It's early.. I thought I'd post just for Buda since I did kind of shut her out. Not like I regret it or anything... I've been working a lot more often lately, I needed the money. I've been studying my ass off, I sent another letter to Buda even though I didn't want to. Got to study for those exams, I just called it quits for my last study session. It's boring, I hate it. The material is beyond tedious. What is there to know in order to be a wanderer? I probably don't even need college but I suppose I'll end up having to spend the rest of my life in a cube in some big office waisting my life away in front of a computer screen even though that is what I am doing now.. Haaaa. I met a girl, a girl who hates me, she basically insulted my whole being. I think I have developed a crush on her. No I wouldn't call it a crush.. I admire her but I wouldn't want to be with her. That would be a lie if I said that.. She is pretty but I prefer to spend my time alone, you only live once. I have to study anyway, no time for girls. I've been putting my all into training and learning my katas. My master says I've been more focused lately. All I can think about right now is completeing everything I have to get finished so I can relax but the more I finish the more I have to do which brings me to the question: "Will it ever end?" No..It won't. I want to get away, go live in the wilderness for awhile, the people, the buildings... I just want to throw up when I see them. -cough- Anyway.. That's that. Farewell.
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O.o, 04-03-04 8:18pm

A girl who hates you...well did you tell her she was naomi and stormed off ? -.- -death glare- ....i need to study more...that i already getting 2 B's...

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04-04-04 7:41pm

Why are you reading my journal.. why do keep bothering me? I don't even know you.

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Re:, 04-05-04 4:53pm

eh...who knows why i do anything..but if it makes you feel better, feel free to read my journal...its pretty pathetic though...

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04-05-04 1:26am

... just... for me?

::looks to other person:: I don't know her/him either.

A girl, Hiei? Humm... this surprises me... alot.

If what you said was ture, about you posting just for me, I'll have to say I'm flattered.
Oh, and thanks of course.


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