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cutie2187 (profile) wrote,
on 4-4-2004 at 10:52am
ahhh i just woke feels weird with the whole daylights saving time...its really 9 now but it says 10...ahh sooo odd...anywho im thinking way too much lately...grr thinking look at things diffrently and then you realize why didnt you do that or say that at the moment...its like you notice your mistakes when you put things into perspective...oh is full of mistakes and you just got to continue to hold your head up no matter im going to my grandparents house...oh going to the mall with my grandmother to help her buy some shoes and stuff...i love my grandmother so i dont mind...but still its aggravating...because she is like me and picky with going to just walk around the mall because my mom can help her and i havent been to brandon town center or whatever the new name is for a long ass time...i feel weird right now...dont ask me...there are lots of things going on with me...and i dont know how to sort things out because there is soo much and i dont know where to just sure about one thing...but im not saying what it is...i feel like being smart today liek writing one of my long thingys about love or something...i dont know...but am lazy today because im soooooo tired...still from yesterday because i didnt go to bed untill real late last think im getting sick...and i know exactly who to blame for it...hehe...well i got to go to get dress and go to my grandparents house...i hope i can drive there...dude im getting my license next weekend hopefully if my mom gets my insurance...ive been annoying her about it for a long time and hopefully she will finally di da...bye bye peeps...i promise to update this entry with something good so check back later...bye bye

Behind The Smile
by Arch Enemy

Sands of time
Running through my fingers
My life slipping away
And I feel nothing
Swallow the tears

Eat the pain - It's worth the degradation - Eat the pain

Behind the smile / I feel nothing
I reach out to touch, but I'm not really there

This reflection in the mirror
Can't reality be me
I see no connection
With who I wanted to be
Drink another glass
Swallow these pills

At the end of the rainbow
You take the bitter
The bitter with the sweet

When love dies
The angels cry
Here I am
Alone... Alone in a crowd
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04-04-04 9:33pm

hey dweeb....that's my new word...i heard it on a tv show...but would not believe what we did today at my house...i'm so damn tired...anyways...i'll see ya tomorrow...tootles!!!

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04-04-04 9:34pm

oh i forgot light savings time sucks!!!

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Re:, 04-05-04 3:44pm

your the dweeb....

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