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shorty4lyfe714 (profile) wrote,
on 4-4-2004 at 10:36am
Current mood: sore
Music: thugs mansion - 2pac
Subject: color guard
we got back lastnight from our color guard competition n we got 5th outta 9 in our class. "right before i sleep dear god wat i'm askin remember this face save me a place in thugs mansion" i guess 5th is ok i'm mean it's not great but we beat 4 teams n lost to 4 ya know?!? i dunno it's kinda weird but i'm sore cuz i keep havin to do my strattle over n over again n it started to hurt n then friday nightin the hotel room i think i slept rong or somethin n it was the funniest thing omg(friday) on the way to the hotel room there was this bmw who thought he was the shit n he was in the middle lane n we were in the far right n i guess he wanted to turn right so he cut across in front of us n ms.demott n ms.tracy were all like ASSHOLE! n flipped him off after he flipped us off damn those bmw's! o ya she's like a lesson to u girls that's wat u call a DICK! but it's all good when she slammed the breaks she hurt my boob cuz it slammed into the seat n michaela kicked it 2 times it hurts! o ya lata that night we went to eat at ponderosa across the street (we walked) it's a buffet n the food was good!!!! there was this kid we thought was hott from the side but turns out he wasn't :-( n wen i went to get ice cream i pilled it in the bowl (they were small bowls) n then i put carmel n chocolate on it n omg BIG mistake it was drippin all over the place n the counter was full of chocolate it's was funny as HELL! (i went back to clean it up though 0:-) ) great stuff o then we went to the souvenier store nextdoor n we found the 2 funniest shirts one said "save the trees wipe ur ass with an owl!" funny brittani costa wanted to get it so bad! n the there was this shirt n the writing kept gettin smaller n smaller n it said "while ur reading these ordinary letters on this ordinary shirt your getting closer n making it easier for me to picture u naked n really close to my dick p.s. if ur a guy step back slowly cuz ur scaring me!" it's funnybut not as funny! i was gonna get that for some1 lol u kno who! if u don't ask me n i'll tell u. o n i got these pins one for bobbie that said "normal people worry me" n one for brittani costa it didn't say nuttin but it had a bunny turned around wit lip prints on it's butt and pointing to it so it's sayin kiss my ass. n i got 2 for me one says "beyond bitch" n the other on is a pic of golem. lol the last one is an inside joke. when we were done we went outside while waiting for the rest of the peeps n we saw this pimpd out car wit the stereo blastin n we were yellin "yeah!!!!" it was funny he was smilin then another guy came n they knew each other n were tlakin then he went down this rode next to us to turn around (this guy was HOTT) n when he came back we gave him the east side gangsta sign n were yellin ya n he was lettin us watch tv cuz he had one on his sun visor n had it facin out towards us n was cool cuz u could tell he like us yellin he was smilin n luaghin n sayin ya! lol great stuff so i was in this gangsta mood there was this big group of black people walkin by n i yelled SUP?!? wit the hand in the air thing n they all looked back at my n everyone around me started to yell taryn no! ur gonna get us killed n then the big group of black people stayed at our hotel n i got scuured n shut my mouth lol it was great neways everything was good this trip! but i missed ty a lot !!!!! n everyone else elyse,triplets,les,heather,sara,court, n alot of others i just though of everything that's goin on in my friends life n mine n wow i wanted to cry cuz i relized how much i can't live without u guyz n no matter how big or bad ur problems are that's i'll do my best to help in neway possible!! well i gotta go i'll ttyl luv, LiL t
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04-05-04 9:05am

did sumone forget to go to church lol! im juss messin...juss give my money to one of the triplets and yeah...okie luv ya...good job!

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Re:, 04-05-04 4:42pm

no i didn't forget i just slept in lol i will i was gonna today but they weren't there lol u'll get it trust me! neways thanks i'll ttyl luv ya pz

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