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miwako-chan (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2004 at 9:54pm
Current mood: bouncy
Music: "I Think I'm in Love With You" Jessica Simpson
Subject: (>^^)> <(^^<)<(^^)>(>^^<)
(NOTE:: This was from Yesterday)

I had a good day! I finally got in touch with Joe. He has missed me too! He apologized for not being able to talk lately. We talked for about 2 hours! It felt so good to talk to him. We talked about everything!!!

He told me about how his parents have had him stressed because he wants to go to a public school instead of s Christian school, because at a public school he could get a scholarship. His parents, however didn't let him.

He has a job at a Graphic design business in GR! I am so happy for him! On the other hand, that means he can't take a class this summer. I asked him, "Will I be able to see you again???" and he said "Of course!"

He told me that he really cares about me. I told him I cared about him too. He confided in me he had never had a girlfriend before (he is so cute!). We also talked about drugs. He has NEVER done them (neither have I)

He started to tease me about stuff and he made me laugh with his Smeagol impression (he sounds just like Smeagol!!!)

I told him about Valentine's Day and how I wanted to talk to him. He said "Aww... crap I was with my dad... bummer" I think he smiled.

He gave me his e-mail (he got one for me). He promised he would call me sometimes!

When we had to go, he asked me to call him tommorrow. We were talking about love and stuff, and he said love was possible to find at this age.

He makes me so happy ^^

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04-06-04 11:22pm

I'm glad you're happy!

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