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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2004 at 7:49pm
Music: starting line - best of me over and over in my head
well today was fun, kinda. 1 1/2 fire drills. the one in 3rd wasn't really one so i think it was a half. so brianna jsut IMed me...i;m not fucking paying 2 dollars to keep my woohu. i have LJ fool.

LiLsHorTcaKe2315: hey! u gonna pay $2 to keep ur woohu?
iluvBITP: fuck no
LiLsHorTcaKe2315: lol
iluvBITP: im a cheap ass jew
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04-07-04 8:36pm

finally sum 1 who believes in free journals....lets goto lj heather...

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Re:, 04-07-04 9:00pm

i already have LJ

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