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bunnyblood2 (profile) wrote,
on 4-8-2004 at 2:21pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: Kitty. Meow.
Subject: ^.^
I can't leave my Woohu........I just got the e-mail........and I've been thinkin I would miss it too much. I moved to livejournal cuz everyone had an LJ acount and I wanted to read theirs and post mine so I just went to one site. But woohu is like a little family, I can't leave it like that.

I will find a way to pay......

One way or another!!

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04-14-04 9:19pm

Your $2.00USD have been received. Thank you.

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Re:, 04-15-04 9:21am

YAY! Thank you Angel Bob!

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Re: Re:, 04-17-04 7:03pm

You're welcome.

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03-01-05 6:56pm


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