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Ari-chan (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2004 at 11:12am
Current mood: awake
Music: Cowboy Bebop- The Real Folk Blues
Umm... Things are going better with Kiku, I think I'm getting used to this whole "just friends" thing... We still talk a lot... Hai... ^^;;

On Wednesday, my English class went to see a Seattle Shakespeare Co. production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, set in the 50s. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!! I spent the entire time laughing ^_^ XD And I got to sit next to Kiku ^_^ But also next to Kelsey Bresnick, who talks a lot and leans on you and nudges you! Gah... But oh well. ^_^ 'Twas FUN! ^_^ XD
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