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waiting4rain (profile) wrote,
on 4-12-2004 at 6:29pm
Music: one of the songs from my 35 hours of random music on my pc
Subject: Pure Life practice in a few
alrite so i told myself for one reason or another that i wouldn't post this picture, maybe because i didn't want to hear any grief about it just in case. altho listen if you are uncomfortable with you being in a picture posted online (seriously bc i know some people can be/are) then just let me know and i'll take it down if there is one on here with you in it.

:) but i am posting just bc i want to.. plus i have nothing else to do at the moment (yeah right)

us being beautiful:

lol well i'm not going on to list names and i also am going to be kind and not make comments which i'm oh so tempted to do just for laughs. (like bobby you look like you're modeling lol. sorry had to say it.)

but anyway not everyone is in here so i guess that just means we'll have to take more.
i adore this group; even with all of our human - ness. ;} ( <-- that bracket represents my smirk btw bc there's nothing else that really does.

LATER - home from practice
-Song: Delirious? - Waiting for Summer-

i realize that on here i've just been posting pictures more than i have been writing... i admit that it's because i want this to stay updated yet like i said in my bio feelings are just too fickle for me to write them onto here and i'm being pretty stubborn about doing that.

each day - meaning hour by hour just goes by so quickly that all i want to do during those times just never gets done... not even really small pieces of it. meaning i don't get to write. (of course there's the normal activities too ) but i think that i get a lot more done of what i want to during the time i'm actually supposed to be sleeping.

anyway that all brings me to several points but i'm ending (sorry if abrupt) here.
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04-13-04 8:13am

Hey. Could you email the Delirious pictures to me?

:D BTW, nice pics on this post... you have some goofy friends :D

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omg!!!, 04-17-04 1:17pm

ur hair looks sooooooo wonderful short. baby you look totally hot...!!!!
luv you much

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Re: omg!!!, 04-17-04 11:17pm

LOL. thanks amanda.

can't wait for you to see it in person heheh.
hopin for the summer!

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P.S, 04-17-04 1:21pm

and no i don't mind the pic @ all.

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!, 05-25-04 2:58pm

I'm blinded by the gucciness presence!
Gucciman shine like the sun, oh yeah.

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Re: !, 05-25-04 8:43pm

that made me laugh unexpectedly a lot. my mom & sis had to come over to see what i was laughing about. 0:)
:p thanks.

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