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irishidiot (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2004 at 1:02am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: Lagwagon-Dancing the Collapse
Subject: That's a cool name for a song.
I really have nothing to talk about. So I will.

Well, tomorrow is a concert at the plaza where the Carls Jr. is. That's all I'm doin' tomorrow.

Hold that thought, I do have something to talk about, Spring Break. So last week was Spring Break. On Sunday, I almost broke my leg, but I think I told you about that. Then on Wednesday, I started my Drivers Ed at High Desert Driving School. There was like, no one in the classes. I think 7 of us total. So the first day, all I do is sit there, all by my lonesome. The next day I sit there again, but this time tried to make friends. So at lunch I got closer to the others in the class. Cool people, they were. One guy was from Saugus. The only guy in Show Choir last year. Him. The others were from like, a million different schools (even though there were 7 people). Then we played Pole Position (old Atari racing game) after lunch. That is such an awesome game. My driving instructor Troy was all over the place when he was playing it. He has one of those game cabinents you sit in, not stand, so when he came around a corner, he would shake the whole system. Hahaha. So later on we developed "The Troy-Turning Technique" which involved spinning the wheel to the left or right as hard as you could and shaking the cabinent. It worked.

So on the last day we had a different instuctor, who believed he would use everything he could to teach us about driving, which included drunk goggles, Pole Position, and Crash-Test Dummy dolls. We would play Pole Position with the goggles on and then would throw the dolls at each other with the goggles on. So people almos fell over. It was weird though, because those goggles didn't really affect me. I was able to play the game well and catch almost every doll thrown at me. Don't worry, this doesn't mean I'll drink and drive. I'm smarter than that. So, I had a good time.

Well, nothing more to really talk about. I've had the same CD (not a song, the whole CD) stuck in my head for 5 days. It's been an awesome 5 days. Oh, and the CD was my new Lagwagon CD "Blaze". Good stuff.

NOW I'm finished. Goodnight.
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04-17-04 5:51am

FINALLY!!! some clue as to where the dealio is tomarrow... now the time and the exsact rondevu (cant spell french) pointness is the question.....

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04-17-04 5:56am

oh yah... and sorry to here about ur leg... and my hole theory about driving is first step is lurning how the DMV wants u to drive (the step your in), then u get ur permit and u lurn to drive like ur parents want u to drive (very agrivating stage.. itll pass).. then u get ur license and ur on ur own and its not till then that u actualy lurn to drive (my stage.... still lurning.. but doing pretty good, knock on wood) so yah... good luck with that... its way worth it, but im sure u already knew that.

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Re:, 04-17-04 4:02pm

Haha, I kinda went outta order there. First I learned how my parents wanted me to drive. It does suck. THEN, I learned how the DMV wants me to drive. And from there I'll follow the theory. A-thank you Ricky.

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