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-glassxroses- (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2004 at 2:50pm
-Name: Jacqueline Lubin Tombari
-Nicknames (if any): Jackie, Jax, J-dizzle, Tombari, Jack, MUTHAFUCKA
-Today’s Date: 4/17/04
-Today’s Current Time: 2:46 PM
-Birthdate: 2/13/88
-Current Age: 16
-Current × L0CC: i like boys.
-Height: 5`8-9"
-Weight: 125ish
-Original Hair Color: dark brown
-Current Hair Color: blurple.
-Desired Hair Color: yaaarrr.
-Hair Texture: straight n wavy
-Eye Color: dark brown
-Desired Eye Color: ground beef
-Do you wear contacts / glasses / neither?:both.
-Nationalities: Italian! scottish, polish, irish, welsh, russian
-Shoe Size: 8 1/2
-Best Feature: my spinal cord.
-Worst Feature: my second spinal cord.
-Do you like the way you look?: on a good day.
-Why / Why not?: sometimes i look like a mules ass.
-What do others say about the way you look?: i stotpped listening... that or they stopped saying...
-Do you try to impress others with your looks?: if i have to get dressed up <3
-What kind of clothes do you like?: any that fit, they are the hardest to find.
-Who do you wish you looked like?: funny you should ask; i wouldnt want to look like anyone but me. and i would never surgically alter myself either.
-What kind of jewelry do you wear?: my rings, my lillith, my jew-hand, my earrings, my bellybutton post, my charm bracelet, my watch, my hemp.
-Do you have braces?: for about a month in ninth grade
-Pant Size: ummm depends what kind. i range from like a 2-6
-Shirt Size: x-small
-Favorite Colors to Wear: all. at once.
-Do you wear a belt?: for holding up my pants. as needed.
-Has anybody ever said you look like a celebrity?: sandra bullock, jennifer garner, the girl from run lola run, and the hulk?
-Define “sexy” in your own words: having confidence in yourself and in being yourself. knowing its what you think that matters. self assurance
-Do you look the same way you did five years ago?: hmmm... you can tell im the same person.
-Most Common Mood: HAPPY.
-Current Thoughts: i am so full of pancakes.
-Why?: i ate pancakes.
-What do you think about your friends?: we have our good days and our bad days. actually, i always have good days with them except for a couple..
-How about your family?: they arent my best friends (mom and jesse are close in the running) but i love them.
-Are you more passive or aggressive?: progressive.
-Is it easy to talk about your problems?: yes
-Do you cry a lot?: no. i almost have to make myself cry when i want to.
-Do you understand yourself?: does anyone?
-Do others understand you?: no comment.
-Can you understand others?: i can read their emotions pretty well, and i can understand the words coming out of their mouths.
-Best Feeling: love
-Worst Feeling: nausea
-describe your personality: chameleon
-Would you say that many people like you / dislike you?: i dont know, i like to think that there are more who like me than dislike me.
-Do you like who you are?: mostly
-Have you changed within the last five years?: i was 11.
-Do you like who you were then / who you are now?: i liked myself better than. but this is apples and oranges. im a young adult now, i was a little kid then.
-Would you say that your life is difficult?: certain surface aspects.
-Are you prone to whining?: not as much as some people.
-Who comes first? You or others?: let's just say i won't end up in the vestibule of hell.
-Do many people know of you?: yes
-Do many people KNOW you?: no
-Are you shy / outgoing?: outgoing
-Are you calm / hyper?: depends
-Are you sad / happy?: depends
-Are you mad / sensible?: sensible. you can tell by the kinds of shoes a person wears.
-Are you lazy / energetic?: energetic.
-Are you funny / corny?: corny. :)
-Are you stressed / relaxed?: stressed.
-Are you bored / busy?: momentarily?
-Are you nice / mean?: nice
-Are you understanding or not?: yes
-Are you trustworthy or not?: yes
-Are you a “goody two shoes” / “bad motha”?: id be a good motha.
-Are you smart / dumb?: shoes.
-Are you annoying / calming?: both
-Are you loving / hating?: loving.
-Are you fun / boring?: fun

-Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend / neither / crush ?: nope. unnatatched.
-If so, how long have you been going out?: 6 years, three months, 1 week, 4 days, and 19 hours. IM SINGLE, OK?!
-If not, do you have a crush?: nope
-Name of your companion / crush: Shantal DeBouvier
-What’s so special about your companion / crush?: they are black.
-Are you flirty?: sometimes.
-Are you a virgin?: no
-Age of First Kiss: 14 at camp highlander.
-Who is your role model?: courtney love... except im too much of a good girl.
-What are some of your pet peeves?: im not big on kids, or really self centered people, or most girls.
-Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with?: HA! yeah.
-Have you ever cried over the opposite sex?: like, 3 times. and with reason. except for the one time in 8th grade.
-Do you have a “type” of person you always go after?: why limit yourself?
-Have you ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you?: yes. and i do.
-Would you rather be dumped / the dumper?: dumped. you can hate them.
-Would you rather have a relationship / a “hookup”?: either
-Do you want someone you don’t have right now?: japan?
-Have you ever liked your best friend of the opposite sex?: for about a minute! (garett) and then some (not garett...)
-Do you want to get married?: yes.
-Do you want kids?: yeah. but i either want 1,2, or like... 9.
-Do you believe in psychics?: im psychic.
-Do you believe that you have met the person you will end up marrying?: yes. but i lost them and now ill be a spinster.
-What is your favorite part of your physical appearance?: my voluptuous eyebrows. oh baby.
-What is your favorite part of your emotional being?: my testicles.
-Are you happy with yourself?: i have boogers.
-Are you happy with your life?: some parts at some times. and sometimes all i can see is grey.
-If you could change something in your life, what would it be?: some of my friends lives, so that i could have them develop into wonderful people instead of the shitbags they are becoming.
-Current Clothes: khakis, maroon long sleeves, blue panties!
-Current Mood: strange indifference
-Current Taste: winterfresh.
-Current Make-Up: left over mascara from like, 2 days ago. waterproof crap.
-Current Hair Style: down
-Current Annoyance: my contacts.
-Current Smell: flower by kenzo.
-Current Thing You SHOULD be Doing: studying history
-Current Desktop Picture: my moms tulip field thingy.
-Current Book: Little Women.
-Current CD in Player: Bright Eyes and Alkaline Trio. SHUTUP.
-Current DVD in Player: GRIND, BITCH!!!!!!!!!!
-How many people have you kissed?: ummm around 15, 16, maybe 17?
-Still a virgin (hey, you coulda changed since the last time you answered this)?: nay.
-How many hearts have you broken?: umm, not too many, i dont think. heh. people dont really fall for me.
-How many people have broken your heart?: one.
-Do you pick people by their looks / personality (be honest)?: personality.
-Have you ever kissed one of your friends (JUST a friend)?: yes. paul, lauren, em, krista, gabi, himmelbaum, spencer, jon m
-If so, are you still friends?: some of them.
-If not, do you plan to?: plan to what? still be friends? dumb querstion!
-Are you a vegetarian?: kill 'em n grill 'em.

. You Touched: moms arm?
. You Talked to Online: uhhh... em?
. You Hugged: lauren t.
. You Kissed: mom on the cheek? lol.
. You instant messaged: em
. You Yelled At: mom

. Understanding: more than not.
. Open-minded: to the extreme.
. Arrogant: no.
. Insecure: a little.
. Interesting: we all have a story to tell
. Random: i can barely keep up with my mind.
. Hungry: i just took an awesome poo.
. Friendly: more personable than friendly.
. Smart: yes
. Moody: swing swing swing...
. Childish: rearely.
. Independent: yes
. Hard working: with motivation.
. Organized: have you seen my room? neurotic/ OCD. not typical organization, but everything has to be just SO.

. Coffee or hot chocolate: coffee
. Lace or satin: both.
. New or old: old
. Jeans or cords: Chords. RAWK... that means jeans.
. Sweater or sweatshirt: does it keep me warm?
. T-shirt or tank top: tank.
. Skirt or dress: dress.
. G string or thong: G chord... i mean string.
. Wool or cotton: the fabric of our lives.
. Rose or Lily: lily.
. Oldies or pop: oldies
. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no.
. Do you have a best friend: yep
. Cried: no
. Helped someone: yeah
. Bought something: tickets.
. Gotten sick: nauseated.
. Gone to the movies: no
. Gone out for dinner: yes
. Said, "I love you": yes... not in that boy girl way though. in the friends way. haha
. Written a real letter: no, i sent one a couple days ago, though!
. Moved on: from him?
. Talked to an ex: everyday
. Missed an ex: everyday.
. Talked to someone you have a crush on: hahaha
. Had a serious talk?: yes
. Missed someone?: yes
. Hugged someone?: yes
. Fought with your parents?: over picture frames. i won. <3
. Fought with a friend?: last 24 hrs? uhhh.. em.
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Your $2.00USD has been received. Thank you.

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no, thank YOU.
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since when have you kissed me?

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noone ever said we did.

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