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x0whitney (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2004 at 10:08pm
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04-19-04 3:42pm

sadly, i am no longer a part of the woohu community. since i wont be able to see how things are going, i wish you the best of luck ineverything that you do. times may be rough every now and then but i know that you will get through everything. it has been nice.

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04-19-04 5:29pm

im still friends right?!

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04-19-04 5:59pm

may i be added please? i read, but never really respond.

<33 you.

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-xx-, 04-19-04 6:55pm

Add meeee! =)

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=), 04-21-04 7:49pm

Hey Whit, add me to your friends if you want, i read your entries, but i don't always have time to comment. i hope everything is going well for ya=0)

i love you!

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Re: =), 04-26-04 4:25pm

Heyy..I dont know you, but yeah somehow I got your woohu..umM, mii name is can IM me at smo0chiez x0x if you want!! Ugh, can you add me please?



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06-07-04 2:00pm

you have a pretty icon.

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06-19-04 12:45pm

I can't see the pic o_O; Angelfire sucks.. ._.; I'm guessing that's one of your egg things? o.o

Love the layout. It's so pretty :D

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