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collageof-frozenfear (profile) wrote,
on 4-20-2004 at 5:16pm
Brandon wants to go to the 7 Gates of Hell on friday with all of our "friends"
It's some crazy place that I had never heard of and didn't really believe. I ended up finding a map on the internet and its down one of the main streets to my house.
That was enough proof for me.
It sounds freaky as hell. I'm not sure that I'll go. I don't exactly plan on being sacrificed this weekend.
Nobody's made it to the 7 gate.
o0o0o0o. Hehe.
Might go to Brandon's later.

I'm thinking of you Andrewwwwww. =P

*hugs* Pixie.

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04-20-04 7:38pm

I will XD here comes the big dinner my moms making.

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