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70billion (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2004 at 1:49am
Music: Boys Night Out-Hold on Tightly let go lightly
Subject: Not so blank Glares wont gilt me
How would you know how I changed if you arent there after the transfermation, and during the change you didnt seem to care enuff to notice how I was changing. But if you would have opened your eyes you would have seen that I was no longer depressed, I dont spend my night crying in my pillow trying to think of ways toget you do pay attention to me. Im happy, Im a lot like I was my junior yeAr having fun and loving life. Not being down on everything and everyone. So when you say Ive changed for the worse I belive it is because I can be happy with out you. Its not my falt you decided to show you cared to late. When it comes to changing I feel it goes both ways and I too am dissipointed also in ways you have and havent changed. Next time you see, if you feel like egnoring me again thats fine but I dont want it to be that way, well Im out for now good night
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04-21-04 8:42am

Just don't worry about it. It's an over and done subject. But I'm glad you're happy now. Love ya buddy!

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04-23-04 5:56am

haha, we wrote a mock-emo song and it has a line that goes

woke up with a tear soaked face/now i need a new pillow case

yeah, we tried to fill every cliche we could

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