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justamirage (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2004 at 2:52pm
Current mood: mellow
Music: yeah yeah yeah's - maps
Subject: baaaaaaaaaa
i ate cactus tooday....sounds strange i know, but it was suprisingly not bad. it kinda tasted like jalepenos and pickles. heh. today was funny. sexy pants. he he he. and gotta love my teaches. for some reason there were sewing needles on the floor in geometry and we asked sanderson if he was a cutter. he held the scissors to his "wrist and said it takes the pain away" and pretended to cry. then we gave him the needles and he pretended to shoot up. good times. yay for weird teachers. i also had to do a lab with live fish in bio. ewwness. yea...thats about it. and just to keep tradition going... also, i like coconuts
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baabaa bababa baaa, 04-21-04 9:09pm

heh sanderson is just struggling to cope with the fact that he's leavin... that's y he cuts or because we're so loud in his class.... either way baaaaaaa


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Re: baabaa bababa baaa, 04-22-04 2:58pm

heh, or because your squeaking gives him a headache. jk

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KERI, 04-22-04 3:04pm

I met another Keri, but she isn't as cool as you. I was like "yeah, I know a cooler Keri" and she's like "oh yeah" and I'm like "yeah" and she's like "oh". :D Because this Keri has the crazy emoness of doom PLUS the sexy pants, so I don't see how it could get any better.

Jeff <3

ps. Cactus is for weird people and mexicans

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04-22-04 3:09pm

the emozilla: if you hadn't gotten KICKED OUT of your other school :D
justAmirage515: get it right

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05-06-04 9:41am

cactuses suck!


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