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AintLoveGrand (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2004 at 2:20pm
Current mood: sick
Music: Atreyu-Dilated
Subject: im.freaking.sick
well today sucked cuz im freaking sick as hell and i cant do nothing bout it. my stomach hurts so badly and i almost threw up last night and it really really sucked. i couldnt sleep all night and i didnt go to school because i was sick..which really sux cuz i have to make up my CAT 6 test deal which is timed and it really sux. im going to the doctor in a bit and i should get some medicine and i get better ...*hopefully*......i'm actually trying to write a song now i day. i got a kool riff to it and i wont be able to jam with rob and stephen today which really really sux. but oh well w/e....and school sux too i hate it ......i feel so damn sick right now....*ugh* really really sux.....not to be a whiner but damn this really cant even eat cuz im so grossed out at the fact that i have to eat food sometime along the day ...i took some tylenol and it helped some.....and at 5 in the morning i took some rolaids and it was heaven, my stomach didnt hurt as badly and it was grand. i went to the orthodontist yesterday and i still have to wear my rubber bands which is koo i guess...then i went to play some basketball with harminee and austen and some other ppl...and after the first game i started getting really sick and it sucked...then at night it got even worst but im ok right its koo....hopefully i can go to school tommorow and get all my tests over with and move on with life....and hopefully thursday and friday go by really ya going to the out
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