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collageof-frozenfear (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2004 at 11:24pm
Went to the 7 gates of hell thing, got into a wreck, we got stuck out there for a couple hours trying to fix the jeep.
After that.... Brandon kept yelling at me over what time I had to be home and he said ALL this shit.
Amazing how you can cut and not feel a thing.
And ya know... he was mad because me and everybody else were having fun while we were trying to get out. JUST BECAUSE I WAS FUCKING LAUGHING!!!
We got out fine... and jesus christ.
I'm fucking losing it.

....and ya know....
I actually have the guts tonight.
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04-21-04 11:47pm

It's not worth it.

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Re:, 04-22-04 12:39am

I know....
I have the guts but I wouldn't do it anyway.
Does that make sense?

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