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kangabunny (profile) wrote,
on 4-23-2004 at 11:17pm
Current mood: carefree
Music: Them Bones-Alice in Chains
Subject: Breezy breeze
Lotsa new piccys! Check em out. =)))
Kristen is so gorgy *-* ::dizzy::
I just love this, Kris.

Felt shitty, then went to Arbor with Brandi and Kae. Had fun. =).
Brandi bought a hamster, I changed my mind and bought ice cream at amy's, [amy's is fucking awesome] went to the bookstore, hung in the park. We were a sight to see, people.. LOL.

Ay, did you know that the fake food in pottery barn is REAL?! Omfg.. I tried some and it was really good. I wish I'd gotten more. *-*

No waiting...
I'll be safe soon. *-*

Reading: Ecstasia. Awesome. Francesca Lia Block is definitely amazing.
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04-25-04 2:09pm

Lol.... You put my picture in your journal!?
And you're gorgeous, also. :P
So start believing it.


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