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daleearnhardtjrishot (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2004 at 9:12pm
bonfire saturday night my dad's rsvp by contacting me somehow by friday
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04-25-04 9:44pm

Ya know... I have had this thought run through my head about a hundred different times in my life.. and I'v never asked anyone about it.

WTF does RSVP mean??!?!

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Re:, 04-26-04 6:43am

respond, sil vous plait. it's french. sil vous plait is like please or thankyou.

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04-26-04 11:09am

i'm most likely in, but maybe not because of michelle's thing. erin might wanna come too, not sure

i'll need directions

i'm coming home soon, bitch!

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