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kangabunny (profile) wrote,
on 4-25-2004 at 9:54pm
Current mood: determined
Music: Slit My Wrist-Murderdolls
Subject: I kept a promise o.o
I'm so glad there's one promise I can say I didn't break. I don't really make promises, in general, but... mmhmm..
Makes me think.
I really like Murderdolls. *-*
My fave song of theirs remains "I Take Drugs." LOL. Kick ass.

The words won't come out the right way
It's the same again today
My only wish is that you'd stay
Never stray, never stray
Be my truth

Ay. Decisions, decisions. I can't wait till I get my fucking allowance... 5 days till I have a plan. ::grins:: Twill be awesome.
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04-26-04 10:29am

lol. Hmmm... What promise did you keep???
Good job, pixie... keeping promises are good :P
If you're plan is full of evilness, I can't help but encourage you to do it.

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