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amajules (profile) wrote,
on 4-26-2004 at 9:28am
hey how have you been?
goodness prom was this past Friday and it went by so quickly!
but yea, ditto to your last comment about not having time for ANYTHING... goodness, somehow it's all manageable though..
anyway prom was gorgeous,
everything turned out really really well..
i'll have to see if i can post a few pictures onto here to show you..
renee had come down especially for me! :) sigh, that added specialty to the evening..
and Amanda haha you would've been proud of me, i danced the ENTIRE night without a second thought. :)
slept over a friends house friday into saturday, went to my brother's baseball game straight from there, and then right from there we went down to New Jersey to celebrate my bday which is next week..
i was kinda upset bc it was the day after prom and i didn't get to hang out with my friends... but i ended up having an extremely fun time anyway at my grandparents' house and hanging out with my cousins..
lots of laughing :)
anyway i was going to go on and write about my actual prom day and getting ready, but i have to be going,
let me know how everything is, i feel like it's been an extremely long time since we've really talked! we'll have to have a heart to heart sometime soon 0:)

well i will talk to you soon Manda
thanks for commenting on my journal i love it and i responded back :)
- Jules
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