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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2004 at 12:44am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: none....but I thin tere is this strange buzzing noise...
Graham lives very far away. I got a ride from Jon today. He makse me smile. I need to invest in my own car or something...I am sick of bumming rides. I watched the second half of was funny = ). Whitney is so adorable in this play. Oh yeah. Sleepy time. I got home at 10:15ish today. Booooo.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Everybody was freaking out about Ida, the drama ghost. She is mad or something...the air compressor turned on in the middle of the play....we kept losing ballons...just little stuff, but still.
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05-01-04 2:41pm

what's up with the icon?

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btw, 05-01-04 2:41pm

btw i'm not trying to pick a fight or anything, i just want to talk to you.

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Re:, 05-01-04 3:07pm

We happen to live in America where freedom of religion (even atheism is religion) is accepted. Some of us feel overwhelmed with the world, and find no one to direct our anger at, other than the creation.

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Re: Re:, 05-03-04 8:35pm

i agree, i've never been that mad but i can understand that feeling, but he alos has his right to be offended and voice his oppinion

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