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justamirage (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2004 at 8:09pm
Current mood: quixotic
Music: tom petty - last dance with mary jane
Subject: happy....?
this is werid for me. this morning i woke up happy. i had a really good day at school, and im still in a good mood. im afraid to talk to anyone though, afraid i might ruin it. its kinda of creeping me out almost. but in a good way. i feel so much better after yesterday, and i realize that i was just being stupid worrying about everything. everything happens for a reason, and whatever is supposed to happen will. so i have to learn to just let it happen. well, thats my happy revelation of the day. also, i like cactus! what now jeff!?
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04-28-04 9:31pm

you won't ruin it if you talk to me...although u did call and tell me about it last night. heh. im happy your happy...and no. fuck you. im not 'hardcore' emo. let along emo at all. asshole!

"somebody put 'coke' in my coke..."

there....comment comment. happy happy.

10 days. woot woot.


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04-28-04 10:39pm

dude its great to see you finally happy again, was kinda worried there for a while. wish youd talk to me more about that kinda stuff, but i know thats not going to happen.


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04-28-04 11:20pm

Keri, this is my gigantic comment of doom. When it is done, you will be like "wow, that was long".

h'okay. so. I'm reading your journal thing, right, and I'm like, hey, Keri's weird because she eats cactus. I mean, it's cactus. Like, what do you usually associate cactus with? I'll tell you. Wile E. Coyote. Yeah. The roadrunner guy. He's always trying to get the road runner, but the roadrunner's all like "meep meep" and then his dynamite explodes in his face or his Acme Gigantic Anvil Kit falls on his face. You know what that means Keri? It means a gigantic anvil is going to fall on you if you keep eating cactus.

So yeah, that's what's now.

You know another thing that really annoys me? How far I sit from you in English. It's like Carmagno hates me. Oh wait, she does. But still, I'm like over here

and you're like

here ^

It really annoys me because I can't be like "Kizeri" and you're like "Jizeff" and yeah.

You're listening to Tom Petty. Tom Petty is awesome. But EMO IS THE BEST. You have to FearMyEmoPants.

I have emo pants. They're green and like 3 years old. That makes them emo. THINK OF ALL THE TEARS I CRIED IN THEM. Yeah, you have emo pants, but none as cool as mine ;-)

I never talk to you on AIM because I'm boring and it's sad :-(. I'm all alone execpt for CS, but I guess I do have a lot of that ;-)

hmmm... It's 11:11 and you wanna talk, it's not hard to dream you'll always be my Konstatine.... really, though, it is 11:11. AND YOU'RE NOT ON! What's up with that?! We get to go to school late, and yet you're still sleeping!




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Re:, 04-28-04 11:44pm

wow jeff, that WAS really long. and i know, my pants will never be as emo as yours ;o). as always, your comment made my day. i think we should formulate an evil plot to kill caramagno and make us sit closer together. cuz then you could be like kizzeri and i could be like jizzeff. and that would be awesome.

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04-29-04 12:23am

wow i have been out of the loop to long i didnt even know bad stuff had happened we gotta hang more! lol well i hope everything gets better

sincerly, Don Rafael de luego del sol

ps i cut u so bad...u wish i didnt cut u lol

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