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nymphofdarkness777 (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2004 at 10:42pm
Current mood: a bit better?
Music: The Ataris~My hotel year
Subject: Use your heart and not your eyes
Today was a bit of an improvement. Damn TAKS testing, I haven't tested yet and I'm bored already. But we did watch THE LION KING!! We had to wait for "xXx" to finish, and it was so stupid. I took my pillow so I could take a nap, but it ended up being a baby of Ryan's since Nima knocked him up. 4th block or should I say 3rd block was boring, so I took a nap. It smelt funky since it's been all over the place, slutty pillow. lol.

Should I go to Marilu's on friday? What if I get in trouble, my mom doesnt want me to go there any more. GRRR! Hmph. I'll just be 'good' till Friday. Then on Saturday I have to go shopping for a dress :twitch:. Mey I'll get to see Marilu, Kasi, Brandon, and Drea at Chelsea's Quincenera, hopefully, I don't want to be alone and have no one to talk to.
I have no one to talk to right now, ='( So I guess I'm going to get off.
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dfaibdaus????, 05-01-04 10:41am

chester!!!! dude, we didnt go swimming after all... :( but its ok. it was an ok night. but since u werent here..the night pretty much sucked. chester dont move!! oh!! oh!! i know..what if i move with you?! i love the cities so i will be happy :) what? screw my family. ur better. he he. {we will take marilu with us and rape her everynight} well im off...ta ta.!

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Re: dfaibdaus????, 05-02-04 2:01am

Sounds good to me {wink, wink, nudge nudge}.. lol, love you Ny-dorks! Hey, lets go to marilu's on the last day of school, Part-tay! ;)

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