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kangabunny (profile) wrote,
on 4-30-2004 at 9:20pm
Current mood: nauseated
Music: Crossroads-Cream
Subject: the way it sturred me up
Ooook.... a bunch of updates here.

At the bookstore, I was reading girl, interrupted... (which by the way, is the second book I read today following "echo") I kept getting these weird hallucinations that my body was pulsing or I was jumping or something.. even though I was sitting in my chair. Then the pages started quivering and I couldn't tell if I was imagining it or not.
So weird.

I don't need to go into details in two different journals.
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04-30-04 11:12pm

I've done the hallucination/pulsing/jumping thing, also....
Be careful, Pixie...

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