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xMiyavixFanx (profile) wrote,
on 5-1-2004 at 2:26pm
Current mood: enthralled
Music: Tiggy- Freckles (DDR, Wh00t! )
Subject: We all wuv you Goddess Althena-chan. ^_^
...Now, you'd think because I'm a t3h art freak in real life. That I can draw online right...wrong. I suck at it...lots and lots. xD But since I don't have a scanner, or a digital camera or anything. I figured I'd try it again, just for Goddess. ^_^; So, here's my attempt...don't laugh or I'll stick cupcakes down your throat. o.o;; Fear me.

.....But you'll have to wait untill I fix it. o.o;; I'll edit this entry and stick it in when it's done. ^^; Now, Imma watch Big Fish again! -Giggle- But before I go, lots of love to Goddess. -SnugsandNuzzs- ^^

Love'and'Cup cakes,

-Adrian <3
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05-01-04 2:44pm

Yay! A picture! I'm not good at drawing online either... Even with my tablet... Eh...

I wish I could watch Big Fish now... -is too lazy to pick her's up- Have fun!

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