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kangabunny (profile) wrote,
on 5-1-2004 at 7:05pm
Current mood: Giggly//hyper
Music: APC songs ~.~
Subject: Woop woop
My hair! Has been dyed. It's darkest brown, and it glints black. woop woop =) I do love it. My parents WILL murder me, though. HAHAHA. They aren't going to be back till tomorrow night *.*

People, people!
If you don't go there... you're missing out. Muchly.

I got motion sickness from reading in a chair yesterday. XD.

Off to the movies with my free pass [score] today, avec brandi et laurel. Aussi, le sleep-over a chez brandi. Tres choutte!

My ears hurt =/ But, otherwise.. wonderful, white-cold weather and peacefulness.

Pictures of my newly dyed yed later.
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05-06-04 10:01pm

hehe... sounds wonderful. You're hair looks awesome, I'm sure =)
Hopefully your parents haven't killed you yet. I'd love to keep you around.
Much hugs =)

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