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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2002 at 8:34pm
Current mood: happy!
Music: Jimmy Eat World
Subject: Blue Jays are shy ones...hahaha
Yeah, so i had a pretty boring day, until i got a phone call. But my side of the convo. sucked, since i had nothing really important to say. I didn't do anything... But it was still fun talking :)
Yeah, my dad really was getting on my nerves this morning, because i stayed up till 2, and they woke me up at 7:30 to work, and i felt sick (but i feel fine now) so i didn't work and my dad thought i was faking it, which makes me mad!!! hahaha. yeah, and he was being so picky, i couldn't do anything right today. well, thats what i felt like around him...but oh well. i'm in a great mood. i hope it doesn't snow tomorrow, 'cause that would just plain suck. But whatever, maybe then we won't have our Hastings meet, 'cause i don't feel like going there. That was my day, oh yeah, and this huge turkey was right outside my bedroom scared me, i think it stalks me, because it was just staring at me in my window, with its big
Oh, and i saw a woodpecker...hahaha(playing a harmonica and smoking a pipe) j/k hahaha....;)
later now...
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04-21-02 9:57pm

Ha ha, guess what, I got that blue jay on video, so no worries. I think the convo' was pretty mutual. Those goofy woodpeckers, always playing their harmonicas and smoking their pipes... :)

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Re:, 04-21-02 10:03pm

thats cool you finally got it! oh, and those funny woodpeckers, you know it...;) lol

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