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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2004 at 5:24pm
the sun has settled over the internet.

no more stars to wish upon.

no more planets to think there's someone out there. no longer my steroid

livejournal can't compete

it's too hard.

not qualified for addiction.


tonight basketball.

tomorrow school.

next day basketball.

next day school.

next day movies.

saturday venice on tournament.

sunday sleep.

meet "chino"/"chiko"

and play with his meatball lumps.

haha lilia.

im going to go venture off.

seeing nobody reads these anymore.

it's like they have better lives.

drugs, drinking, and sex

is so much better.

isn't it?

bye woohu.

i bid you farewell.

i'll be back to update every minute now.
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