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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2004 at 5:24pm

a rather boring day.

dark clouds, no sun.

no visible one anyhow...

dreampt of my little cabmb...

i will marry it one day.

and you will point and laugh.

you foolish freaks.


oh, i wont marry it.

my cabmb doesn't have doors that swing that way.


anyway, science was fun.



gym was hilarious. got negative vibe.

no loving from lauren.


went to social studies, gained a buck, lost my talent.

mr. bissel DID NOT match. i swear. i swear. i swear. i swear.

math was great.


i <3 mrs. bradley.

jean irene the string bean bradley.

off to basketball where i slam-dunk off alley-oops and do the spider incessantly.

ok... i can do the second one.

the slam-dunking alley-oops?

only off of playskool hoops...

oh how i prefer fisher-price.

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