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shootinstarz (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2004 at 5:27pm
in case you've been living under a rock.

i have a crush on the oc.

more like an infatution with the show.

my cabmb hmph?

bet you dont know.



the oc season finale is wednesday.

shall i cry now?


ill save the tears for later.

friends on thursday.

cry for the last week straight.

i bid you farewell.

joey and matt. chandler and mathew...

rachel and jennifer. monica and courtney.

phoebe and lisa. ross and david.

i love you all.

like madd...

oh well.

i'll stick with one tree hill.

and the season 1 of the OC i'm buying.

i did say i was addicted?

my sweet little pill with hott people

and palm trees, with big beach waves...

oh my little oc addicting pill...
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<3, 05-03-04 5:40pm

i too,
along with three fourths of america will be left crying for days and eating depressing amounts of ice cream upon the end of Friends.

thursday nights will never ever be the same.


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hey babe, 05-06-04 6:57pm

i think every0ne will be crying. as 0f thursday nights 8.oo 0n nbc. i have n0 life. my agenda f0r that night will be s0mething like will and grace. n0thing that adds up t0 j0eys funniness. ross smart ass facts, chandlers stupidity, rachels sluttiness, monicas cuteness, and phoebe's horrible songs [[smelly cat smelly cat, what are they feeding y0u??]] l0l. i highly d0ubt the replacment will adD up.
farewell t0 friends...

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