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maybenot (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2004 at :13am
it's so kool that i have a boi friend now, and he cares for me alot. But right now i would be fine wit out one, dosen't mean i want to brake wit him means i am a little unsure of things, teenage stage i guess. I love my friends i have come to relize kamaile kaya safir nadia carmichael tiana and my boi friend kiki, (kikiola) but my freinds are like family to me, so i care for them a lot. Don't know what i would do with out them? For real i don't know.
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05-04-04 1:32am

i am kinda unsure about sum stuff right now too.....

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05-04-04 9:41pm

i feel the same way for my friends , i dont know what i would do without you paulina.

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